Celebrate information.

Like the harvest season, your data deserves a time for reflection. We celebrate the moments after aggregating when we’ve drawn meaning from raw numbers to enrich a narrative. On-brand visualizations clearly illustrate the rewards of data analysis.

Data-driven graphics update on the fly without additional coding or design. Content marketers agree that clear, on-brand, storytelling using data viz is the most powerful form of graphic design.

In high-tech B2B marketing, you’ll find focus with data-driven interactive content such as maps, calculating graphs, and live dashboards like NIKmetrics.

Stories We Visualized with Data

The Monroe Country Crash Map

Livadas Consulting was the only agency in town able to develop the Monroe County Crash Map for ReconnectRochester.org – and we did it pro-bono!

The map connects NYSDOT data and the Google Map API to create an interactive view of crashes involving injury or death.

Every single news outlet in Monroe County covered this story because understanding dangerous intersections can help influence transit decisions and our behavior on the road.

We create stunning data-driven visuals that will leave an impact on your audience.

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