Emotionally connect.

Connect through the power of video.

Reach more people. Build your brand. Video is the ultimate achievement in human communication. Imagination and technical savvy make it possible to tell memorable stories that have a powerful emotional edge. Successful video cultivates a powerful emotional connection to your brand. But getting it right takes insight, expertise, and a commitment to understanding your business and your audience. Livadas Consulting brings a calm professionalism and creative enthusiasm to every project.

From concept to publishing, we’re on it.

  • A pitch-perfect storyboard. Our team starts by diving deep into your brand, your message, and your audience. We take a look at your existing assets, potential settings, and on-screen talent. Build a storyboard around a concept that reflects emotional intelligence. Good strategy. And budget awareness.
  • Smart field production. Our team knows has the professional expertise to ready any location for a shoot. We’ll set up cameras, microphones, and lighting, all while we make the project fun and engaging for all involved.

  • The edit. The final product comes to life through intensive editing. We look at every frame. Every detail. Every caption. Is the sound right? Does the pacing work? Will viewers laugh or cry when they’re supposed to? Using today’s finest editing software, we’ll make sure the final video shines.
  • Publishing know-how. Variable bit rates. Codecs. Compression settings. Publishing video takes expertise in a whole range of technical matters. We know how to publish your video content on all the relevant outlets, in the right format. Whether it’s through common platforms like YouTube, or custom video players we’ve designed ourselves.
  • Be findable. As engaging and useful as it is, video storytelling is beloved by search engines. Social channels now prioritize video content on results pages and timelines. Which means, when you publish video, you amplify your brand even more.

Put the power of professional video to work for your brand.
Take full advantage of video, and you harness humanity’s ultimate tool to connect and communicate. Talk to us to get started.



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