September 1, 2017 Nik Livadas

ISTC17 Exhibitor Preview

Innovative Solutions is bringing together the brightest tech minds September 7th in downtown ROC. At ISTC17, Nik Livadas and Liana Sarfaty will be exhibiting Livadas Consulting’s favorite IT & MarTech topics and projects:

  1. Introducing NIKmetrics (PPC Management)


    A value-added service developed by Livadas Consulting for iVEDiX and Innovative Solutions. Along with PDF/Email reporting, we now use NIKmetrics – a user-friendly dashboard that visualizes live digital campaign data from multiple sources. NIKmetrics
    helps inform budgeting decisions and creative strategic decision-making to continually optimize marketing campaign performance. “NIK” stands for “Now I Know,” and knowing is half the battle!

  2. Social Media Report Cards

    Social Media Report Card

    We developed an interactive Social Media Report Card assessment tool. Learn how we grade start-ups and small businesses on their social channel footprints in our social media management onboarding process.

  3. 50 Marketing Tactics Ranked

    “What should we be focusing on with digital?” is one of our most frequently asked questions asked by High Tech CEOs. We did a quantitative study with marketing consultants at Carlson Cowork and determined which marketing tactics had the highest/lowest
    impacts as well as the highest/lowest required efforts. Let’s compare our findings with your experiences.

  4. What’s New in Multilingual Content Marketing?

    Multilingual Content Marketing

    Innovations in proxy translation allow for your website to reach wider audiences.

  5. Reconnecting Rochester


    Learn how we made headlines visualizing Monroe County traffic data from the NYS DMV.

  6. Discover the Carlson Cowork Effect

    Carlson Cowork

    Coworking sparks new connections, destroys groupthink, and fosters growth.

  7. The Growth-Driven Design Methodology


    Your hardest working sales-person is your website. Why set and forget?

  8. Statistically Accurate Social Listening


    Learn about our exclusive partnership with SocialTrendly and how we navigate the deep-end of social media advertising.

  9. How Introverted Analysts are Winning B2B Sales

    TEN Sales Presentation
  10. Travel Tips from a Commercial Drone Pilot

     Balaji Drone

We’re looking forward to exhibiting along side our clients as we make new connections there!
Learn more at

Note: These demos are subject to change into even better demos!

PS: If you can’t wait till the 7th and want to grab coffee sooner, use our Rochester Coffee Map and book a time and place!

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About Nik Livadas

As a well-rounded native, I’ve developed the acumen required to chief various tech-tribes — 1.0 & 2.0 web-firms, eCommerce shops, eLearning providers, and adaptive eduTech startups. Since 2001, I’ve helped savvy CEOs and CMOs from NYC to LA conceive and execute award-winning digital, automate action after analysis, and ultimately make an exit.