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How to Announce a New Blog

Even if you have been sharing thoughts online with others since the days of GeoCities, launching a new blog can be a Catch-22.

Imagine a brand new restaurant. It’s not going to be found by search engines, it won’t have reviews, customers, check-ins, or menu. Who is going to want to eat there, or recommend it to others?

Established blogs are rich with categorized tagged content, fanatical subscribers, and comments too numerous to sift through. A brand new blog has none of these things. So how do you launch a new blog in an age of information overload?

You need to get noticed and there are methods that are proven to help you capture attention and maybe even stand out.

[ Caution introverts: the attention-grabbing tactics below could make you cringe or squirm. ]

You shouldn’t use all of these at once. To announce the launch of your new blog, I recommend combining one or more of these ingredients into an attention-getting headline, email subject, or tweet of your own.

Benn Parr confetti

Expert Help

There’s a science to attracting people’s attention, just ask Ben Parr. You see what I did there? I just name-dropped an expert author on the subject of Capitivology. People like getting the advice of published thought leaders. If you can work with someone well-known to help you out, it will instantly add credibility and traffic to your new blog endeavor. If they can’t give you a shout out, try offering to exchange blog posts. Give to get.

Humble Beginnings

Example: Please let me know what you think of my new baby blog.
Pros: Polite, unassuming, some of the most viral things start this way.
Cons: Insecure, probably won’t be shared unless it’s killer.
Works for: Tight communities who enjoy giving and receiving feedback.

Clickbait Riddle

Example: Can you guess what I think about when no one is around?
Pros: People can’t resist mysteries.
Cons: It’s can feel like a trick.
Works for: Sites that generate income proportionate to clicks.

The VIP Room

Example: Before I launch this new blog to the public, I wanted to invite you to get a sneak peak.
Pros: People like scarcity and exclusivity, You can gain valuable prelaunch feedback, opportunity to network, VIPs are more likely to share
Cons: It’s a little of pretentious.
Works for: People with a solid network and a history of delivering the goods.


Pros: Mysterious urgency actually works.
Cons: Caps Lock can be a turn-off. You’re setting the expectations pretty high.
Works for: Drama Queens, Artists, Event Promoters, People who subscribe to the philosophy, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

A Call to Arms

Good Example: I’ve just launched my new blog! Please fav, share, RT, etc.
Better Example: Proud Moment. I’m excited to announce a new blog! Check it out & get Free Help.
Pros: An exciting, instant, actionable, request
Cons: If done incorrectly, your direct relatives and BFFs might not even share the link.
Works for: People who have an active flock following on social media

An Exhausted Invitation

Example: After weeks and months of hard work, it’s finally done! Please check it out!
Pros: People want to hand you a glass of water at the finish line.
Cons: It could look like your first time crossing the finish line.
Works for: Non-profits, new businesses, people in life transitions

Get Bizarre

Example: Come aboard my shiny new spaceship.
Pros: Expectations are violated, people become curious
Cons: You may disappoint people and look foolish
Works for: Bloggers who consistently invoke an off-beat style

Reverse Psychology

Example: Don’t you dare look at my new blog.
Pros: It taps into our inherent FOMO (fear of missing out.)
Cons: Most people know this trick.
Works for: Those making a broader point that is likely to resonate with those who dared to click.

Top 10 Lists

Example: 10 Ways to Announce a New Blog
Pros: This is getting really meta.
Cons: List fatigue.
Works for: Most everybody

Do you have tips on announcing a blog? You should leave a reply below.

Would you like more tips on how to launch a new blog? Get in touch!

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