May 2, 2015 Nik Livadas

Finding Creative Inspiration From Data

The days of relying on creative firepower to be a killer agency are over.

You need complete data on your targets and Minutemen with incredible aim.

Understanding data isn’t just important for creative agencies; it’s essential for all functions within a business to make inspired decisions.

  • Web Traffic and User Behavior
  • Social Media Channels
  • In the “Cloud”
  • Mobile App Usage Data
  • Customer Intel: Loyalty Programs, Purchase Histories
  • Email and Web-based Customer Surveys
  • Open Information: Weather, Labor Statistics, Government Reports
  • Online Reviews and Consumer Guide Sites 
  • Understand and analyze all the data elements being collected.
  • Engage in statistical analysis and modeling to determine what elements account for variance.
  • Provide reporting and collaborative consultation using data as a change agent.
  • Optimize investments and operations.
  • Personalize communications.
  • Lead a more data-centric agency.
  • Become more entwined with the fabric of the internet
  • Obtain business data and analyze it in a way that inspires strategic decision-making and planning.
  • Allows the final creative product to drive better results for clients’ businesses, adding the proper value to the agency model.

Case Study: Metric Model


Some traditional media advertising agencies are beginning to tout analytics, but Livadas Consulting has been ‘walking the walk’ for years.
Metric Model is a learning data startup co-founded by Livadas Consulting which examines student data found in online classes. We figured out how to deliver insights to faculty on what’s happening (and what is likely to happen) in their online classrooms using statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and data visualization.

Example: If you are a student taking an online course in World History, the system has a ton of information on you.

What eLearning platforms like Moodle can “learn” about you:

  • Your login habits
  • Your name and gender
  • If you’ve downloaded the syllabus or not
  • How long you spend in the system
  • The time(s) of day you study
  • How well you are doing on your tests and activities
  • How often you ask questions
  • How you construct sentences
  • What types of language you use in your questions
  • What you say to others in the system

Processing this data (and dozens of other metrics) into the Metric Model toolkit, we’re able to deliver very statistically accurate information with enhanced insight into student and instructor performance. The Metric Model analyzes student data to find intervention opportunities that are statistically most likely to be beneficial. Students and instructors are then notified through personalized metric-driven messaging at these opportune moments.

Hi Wayne –
Wanted to check in on the score of 60 you got on the first quiz. I’m guessing that was a disappointment. Here’s the good news: You absolutely can do better! I’ve often seen students stumble at the beginning of the course, and then continue strong! You can too!!!

Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • Do you know why you didn’t do as well as you wanted? If you don’t – please email to set a time to meet – we need to figure this out together!
  • Did you set a regular study schedule and stick to it? Did you study at least 2 hours leading up to the quiz? This is so important!
  • Do you have a study group or study partner? It can be tough to go it alone in a course like this. I’m sure many of your classmates would like to work together on the material and check each other.

The important thing now is to make sure you do much better next time. You can do it!! Make sure you put in the time, ask questions, and totally master the material for the next quiz.

I’m here for you!!

Let me know if I can help in any way, Wayne!! On to quiz #2!!


Dr. Boersma

We are doing all this today with the Metric Model and eLearning. You can imagine that we are similarly inspired by B2C and B2B data.

Do you have any questions about data analytics? Leave your replies below.

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