Welcome to the Neo-Jungle, our Digital Universe.

Digital Marketing is a neo-jungle of vinelike APIs, savvy netizens, and seemingly endless opportunities.

Our mission is to leverage our native know-how to advance other high-tech businesses in Rochester with synergistic solutions.

We deliver efficient and predictably effective full-stack marketing services that most often align with agile, groundbreaking local tech companies whose needs exceed the offerings of traditional agencies.

Livadas Consulting was built to be a vehicle for the advancement of complex ideas. We deliver consistent and reliable full-stack marketing services of a caliber appropriate for groundbreaking ideas.

As founder, I coordinate client-dedicated pods of specialized marketing talent devoted to marketing the technologies that will propel today’s market into the future. Our solutions position new ideas in ways that can be absorbed by minds that aren’t yet ready for them. If you’ve developed a message that’s beyond today’s reality, Livadas Consulting is the elusive squad capable of grasping and helping you leverage its full potential.

Nicholas Livadas
Nicholas Livadas

Now Hiring! Join Us!

Don’t see a job post that aligns with what you’re looking for? We’ll still accept your resume at jobs@livadas•com. You never know what the future holds for jobseekers interested in working at Livadas Consulting.
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The Squad

Cat Hood
Cathriona Hood
Studio Manager
Liana Livadas
Liana Livadas
Creative Manager
nicholas livadas
Nicholas Livadas
Agency Owner
sarah newhouse
Sarah Newhouse
New Media Designer
barrett smith
Barrett Smith
Web Developer